Helping provide a sustainable future for our clients and society by offering research and advice grounded by sound strategic planning and visioning


HWA Analytics is a research, consulting and advisory firm focused on strategic planning services through advanced manufacturing, mobility, innovation and sustainability

  • The firm provides research and advice, and will also partner with public and private sector organizations
  • We provide guidance in issues related to advanced transportation, mobility and sustainable strategies
  • Our team has experience in the advanced manufacturing, automotive, urban planning, public policy, and transportation sectors
  • We are located in Ann Arbor, MI



Expertise in ...

Understanding and leveraging technology trends, sustainable strategies, climate change impacts, and overall societal sustainability.  We assist our clients address these issues through our experience in:

  • economic and market analyses
  • market research
  • strategic planning
  • urban planning
  • transportation
  • public policy
  • finance
  • advanced mobility
  • corporate strategies
  • public sector strategies




That the rapid advancement of automotive technology is encouraging many non-automotive firms to look more closely at the automotive and transportation sectors for new business opportunities? 


That the auto industry is on the cusp of change from motor vehicle manufacturing technology to a mobility industry, which encompasses many transportation business models?




This is creating a seismic shift throughout the industrial sector



How you react and respond to these opportunities now could determine your future.


Contact HWA for consultation regarding this rapid and unprecedented change